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Saturday, August 06, 2005
Modifying Windows Vista Search settings
This one has me stumped. On my primary desktop computer, I installed Vista in a dual-boot configuration so that I could still access all my files and programs on the Windows XP partition. What's frustrating is that Vista still hasn't found and indexed all my documents on the other partitions yet, which means they don't show up in the Documents virtual folder or search results. I've spent a lot of time looking around various settings windows for some way to instruct Windows Search to index those other drives, but to no avail. Judging by the large amount of empty window space in the Search options applet, it looks like the UI for changing such settings was simply not ready for Beta 1, though I seem to remember being able to change this setting in one of the previous builds. Does anyone know of a registry hack that will accomplish the same thing? Or did I miss something? I would appreciate it if someone could enlighten me.
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