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Sunday, September 11, 2005
Windows Vista Ultimate Edition caters to both home and business use
New details have emerged which confirm that Microsoft will indeed release a so-called "Ultimate Edition" of Windows Vista, allowing people like me who want to record TV, develop and host web applications, play games, join a domain, and capture handwritten notes to perform all of those tasks from a single operating system installation. That's right, Windows Vista UE will contain Media Center, Media Center Extender, IIS (now dubbed Windows Web Server), domain support, and Tablet PC input functionality all in the same operating system!

I applaud this decision. While I understand the need for specialized editions at reduced cost for those who will only make use of a few end-user scenarios, Vista-era PCs are going to be more than powerful enough to handle all types of usage from a single installation. I will definitely be using the Ultimate Edition on all my machines.

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