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Sunday, December 03, 2006
Dual Core + Vista X 64 = ?

I'm attempting to make 64-bit Windows Vista by primary OS, now that I have the RTM build, at last (thanks Microsoft)! As I march though the tedious process of installing all my critical apps, I have encountered very few Vista-related compatibility issues. Unfortunately, I have discovered quite a few x64-related issues (I never tried XP x64). Here's my wish list of software that will hopefully be updated with Vista x64 support in the near future:

  • Real Rhapsody. For now, I'm using the web version. The first PlaysForSure-compatible music subscription service that I find with x64 support gets my business! ETA: ?
  • Windows OneCare Live. ETA: ?
  • VMware Player or Workstation. My home Domain Controller (yes, I know I'm crazy) boots, but can't get bridged network access. ETA: whenever Workstation 6 (currently in beta) is released.

I'll update the list if I find any more issue (hopefully not).