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Thursday, February 02, 2006
New PayPal-like service for cell phones is giving away $5 and lots of XBOX 360 systems

SignUp at TextPayMe

Have you heard about TextPayMe yet? It's a secure online payment service similar to PayPal which allows you to instantly send and receive money to anyone. You just send a text message from your cell phone to a special five digit number like so:

12543 amount recipient
example: 12543 15 503-123-4567

The person receiving the money can get it sent to them by check, transferred to a bank account, or they can send it as payments to their friends.

The neat thing about it is that for a limited time new users get:
- $5 deposited into your account free just for signing up. You can send this money to anyone right away.
- Refer 36 people to TextPayMe and they will give you an XBOX 360 (Core system).

You don't even need to give out your bank account or credit card number to open an account. If you click the link below to sign up, (takes only about 90 seconds to do it, literally) you get $5 and I will get 1 referral towards my free XBOX.
It's a very easy to use and useful service. Thanks in advance to anyone who signs up through my blog!